12-24 Months Old
  • Class Overview

    Our preschool program has three dedicated classes
  • Pioneers

    Our Pioneers are our oldest group learning all of the skills that they need to succeed at school.
    Our Pioneers will be leading the way at All Children Great & Small, They will already be showing many of the skills that are considered to be required for “School Readiness” They will be showing increased empathy, social skills and leadership qualities from mixing with their younger peers. They will be building skills in dressing and undressing from getting themselves in and out of their outdoor gear. They will have good listening skills and the ability to risk assess situations as they are encouraged to risk assess woodland activities such as climbing trees, tool work and fires. But most of all they will be eager to learning knowing that each day is a new adventure.
    • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
    • Educational field trips and school presentations
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Age Group:
      3 years to 5 years
    • Class Size:
      32 Children
    • Pricing:
      Breakfast Club, £5
      Full Day, £42
      Morning or afternoon, £23
    • Sessions:
      Breakfast, 7.30 am - 8 am
      Mornings, 8 am - 1 pm
      Afternoons, 1 pm - 6 pm
  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?