Free Flow

  • Free Flow

    A modern approach to child learning

    Our Free Flow setting allows children the opportunity to follow their own interests and mix with children of all ages.

    There are many benefits for children learning with and from their peers in mixed age groups. Children build strong bonds with their key workers whilst also establishing bonds with other practitioners within the nursery ensuring that there is as little interruption as possible when they move age groups and have a new key worker as this practitioner is already familiar to the child.

    Children are given the opportunity to mix with siblings, family members and friends from outside of nursery which makes settling into nursery much easier.

    Current research has shown that babies develop significantly from interacting with older children, especially with regards to play and communication. Older children will build leadership skills, self esteem and empathy when given the opportunity to nurture others.

    Children in mixed age groups often demonstrate less competitive behaviour and greater displays of helpfulness.

  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.
    • Full Day Sessions

      We offer a breakfast club 7.30am – 8am
      Morning session 8am-1.00pm
      Afternoon session 1pm – 6pm
      Full day session 8am-6pm.


      Saturday Morning session 8am – 12pm
      Saturday afternoon session 12pm-4pm
      Saturday full day 8am-4pm